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The Process

Encaustic painting is a unique and ancient art form that involves using molten beeswax mixed with pigments to create visually stunning and textured works of art. This centuries-old technique dates back to ancient Greece and Egypt, where it was primarily used for funerary portraits. Today, encaustic painting has experienced a resurgence in popularity due to its versatility and the luminous effects it produces 

The encaustic painting process begins with the preparation of the encaustic medium, which is a mixture of beeswax and damar resin. The beeswax provides the base for the paint, while the damar resin increases its transparency and hardness. This mixture is then melted to a liquid state, creating the molten encaustic medium that artists use to build layers of color and texture in their creations.

Once the encaustic medium is prepared, artists apply it to a rigid surface, such as wood or canvas. The application can be done with brushes, palette knives, or other tools, allowing for a range of expressive mark-making. Each layer is fused onto the surface using heat, typically applied with a heat gun or blowtorch. This fusing process ensures that the layers bond together, creating a durable and archival artwork.

Encaustic artists have the flexibility to experiment with various techniques, including collage, embedding objects, and incising into the wax. The molten nature of the medium allows for a dynamic interplay between layers, resulting in a luminous and translucent quality that is characteristic of encaustic paintings. Artists may also choose to add oil paints, pigments, or other materials to enhance the color palette and texture of their work.

One of the unique aspects of encaustic painting is its ability to be reworked and revised over time. Artists can melt and manipulate the existing layers, allowing for an ongoing creative process. This fluidity adds an element of spontaneity and exploration to encaustic art, making it a captivating medium for both seasoned and emerging artists alike. As a versatile and dynamic form of artistic expression, encaustic painting continues to captivate art enthusiasts with its timeless beauty and tactile richness.

Monarch Butterflies

The final art piece (top left). Engraving into the encaustic foundation (top right). Filling in the black colors and the white spots of the butterfly wings (bottom left and right respectively).

California Super Bloom

The final art piece (top left). Showing the basic progressive steps (top right). Painting and carving the California poppies (bottom video).

San Francisco Bay Panoramic


Up close video showing how a ship at the center left of the panoramic is painted/carved (left).

Happy Customers

Smiles and satisfaction from those who've welcomed my encaustic artwork into their lives. Browse through moments that capture the warmth and allure of handcrafted pieces, and join the community of art enthusiasts who have found the unique creation for them. 


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